3rd Generation Blockchain

BFIC is a 3rd Generation Blockchain with intensely powerful solutions for speed, security & scalability. With this technology, BFIC blockchain has super responsive scalability i.e. it responsively expands as per need.

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The 3S of BFIC

BFIC is a next-generation network based on the 3rd Generation Blockchain technology for digital transactions and a platform for creating and managing decentralized financial services in real-time. The 3S vision of the developer team was to provide acceptional speed, security and scalability solutions to make the blockchain everlasting.

BFIC Blockchain has unmatched speed, security and scalability to support robust smart contracts and decentralized financial projects.

Triple Layer Architecture

BFIC Blockchain’s architecture is a marvel. The first ever 3rd Generation Blockchain to feature a 3-layer architecture for supreme power and reliability.

The structure is divided into 3 unique layer. Each layer is responsible for distinctive functions. These layers may communicate to perform aggregate actions but do not collide. This distributed structure enables the blockchain to perform functions at exceptionally higher speeds and allow responsive scalabilty. As each function is performed on its dedicated layer, the blockchain becomes super secure and reliable.

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Smart Contracts

BFIC Blockchain is extremely smart-contract friendly. The blockchain supports a diversified range of programming languages acceptable for smart contract deployment.

To further encourage developers, 25% of smart contract transaction fees will go straight to the respective smart contract developers. This will in return compensate the developers better, and enable them to perform better R&D for smart contract upgrades.